All-in-one software solution


Customisable Workflows

  • Save time by digitising predefined projects and workflows.
  • Automate routine, day-to-day tasks.
  • Create, customise and maintain your own document repository.
  • Access built-in templates.

Centralised Task- and Project Management

  • Streamline communications by creating small-to-large project-related groups and tasks.
  • Manage all legal and compliance tasks in one secure online environment.
  • Limit human error with reliable document- and contract-generating features.

Key Stakeholder Management

  • Customise data-capturing forms to create error-free profiles for vendors, clients, members, staff, shareholders, departments etc.
  • Manage relationships between all stakeholders with the help of....

Group Company Structure View

  • Create a digitised tree view (organogram) of a single entity or multiple entities.
  • Manage user access throughout each level of your organisation.

Growing Document Repository

  • Minimise effort by instantly accessing a powerful suite of templates.
  • Simply generate your own contracts and other templates.
  • Reinforce each legal and compliance process related to:
    • Company secretarial matters.
    • Employment.
    • Finances
    • Information security and data privacy.
    • Intellectual property.
    • Property dealings.
    • Vendor management.
    • Website T&Cs.

Secure Document Management

  • Enjoy browser-based collaboration without any external software downloads.
  • Enable stakeholder access to encrypted and backed-up data from a single, centralised source.
  • Structure document review processes, track edits, monitor feedback, and revert to previous versions as needed.
  • Provide digital signatures with the help of our trusted partner DocuSign.

Accessible Consulting- and Support Services

  • Help with IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
    • Specifically for IT and Legal teams.
    • Execution of key governance, risk, compliance and business continuity objectives, as well as periodic internal data-mapping assessments (DMAs).
    • Delivery of consolidated outcomes, including reports, task establishment, deliverable identification and initiation, and maturity assessment tools.
    • Development and maintenance of artefacts, including committee charters, assessment frameworks, legal and contractual documentation, policies, procedures, processes, and controls.
    • Maintenance of risk registers in preparation for upcoming changes that require enhancements to the IT GRC framework.
    • Assistance with information security impact- and risk assessments.
    • Management of key internal and external stakeholder engagements related to:
      • Business continuity planning from an ICT perspective.
      • ICT strategic planning and implementation.
      • ICT governance planning and implementation.
      • ICT continuity planning and policy formation.
      • Internal audit planning for ICT.
      • ICT Disaster Recovery Planning (including DRP maintenance).
      • ICT Incident Response Planning (including IRP maintenance).
      • Architecture planning within the defined regulatory universe.
      • Retention strategy planning, data retention policy and schedule development, including maintenance.
  • Help with Legal Compliance
    • Specifically for Information- and/or Data Protection Officers, as well as their deputies and clients.
    • Compilation of legal, contractual and policy documentation.
    • Compilation of standard operating procedures (SOPs).
    • Regulatory compliance planning and updates.
    • Periodic reviews of circulated collateral.
    • Support during engagement with third-party clients and vendors.
    • Development and deployment of training and awareness programmes.
  • Help with Technical Compliance
    • Specifically for IT Operations teams, as well as their associated business units.
    • Disaster recovery and incident response planning.
    • Regulatory communications management.
    • Affected parties’ communications management.
    • Incident crisis and post-incident management in support of public relations, regulatory compliance, and cyber forensic investigations by third-party vendors.

Product Offering

One plan doesn’t mean it targets just one challenge.
In fact, when it’s smart, you can initiate more reliable, cost-effective and simplified processes within the complex legal framework. FabricFour understands the value of reinstating (and revolutionising) the basics that drive high levels of productivity and responsiveness within successful organisations.

  • Business Starter

    R1699.00 / Mo

  • Get up to 10 GB file storage
  • Register unlimited user profiles, including vendors, clients, employees and departments
  • Fully access your own growing legal repository
  • Create a single company entity
  • Create tasks and projects
  • Review documentation
  • Business Plus

    R4200.00 / Mo

  • Get up to 100 GB file storage
  • Register unlimited user profiles, including vendors, clients, employees and departments
  • Fully access your own growing legal repository
  • Create a company group structure for up to 2 entities
  • Create tasks and projects
  • Review documentation
  • Enterprise


  • Customise your file storage solution
  • Register unlimited user profiles, including vendors, clients, employees and departments
  • Full access to, and deployment of, your own bespoke legal repository.
  • Create a company group structure for multiple entities.
  • Automate workflows within a bespoke task management framework
  • Review and digitally sign documentation.
  • Generate contracts and other templates
  • Securely access APIs and integration services.

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